Chapter 2

The city street lights are blinking on and off randomly around the city as I watched from a rooftop overlooking the once industrious and thriving city, now lit by fires at nightfall, crumbling buildings and an electrical grid nearly offline. Fear enshrouded the minds of many earlier today as chaos broke out as far as the eye can see. The news stations informed this evening a war between countries was confirmed imminent but it all began prematurely and caught too many by surprise. 
Sitting by myself feeling helpless about what occurred and wondering when and where the bombs or missiles came from. I thought maybe they were launched from a rogue satellite because the news never informed anyone of any strategic predictions or warnings or logistical challenges. Without power nobody knew what to do or where to go. As I was collecting my thoughts I noticed some people through a window in a damaged building with no escape below them. I hurried from the rooftop to assist. When I arrived I could see bricks and fallen debris from the floor above collapsed blocking the stairwell. Not knowing if it was safe to move I fearlessly took an educated guess and begun clearing away an access hole while trying to avoid being slammed in the head by anything falling towards me from above. Little by little I was making progress. My heart was racing and turned into hard thumps so I stopped for a min to calm myself and continued again moving the rubble piece by piece until it was seemingly safe enough to walk through. I carefully walked up the stairwell watching my footing. I arrived relieved to meet these people several stories up and guided everyone down to safety. People were thanking me as I instructed them to move down carefully. There was a man in a room here unable to leave, someone said aloud. I went to him and saw him lying on the floor and he calmly said to me I’m poor, broke, no medical insurance, have spinal injuries so severe I’m constantly vibrating in pain near the threshold of death, nobody understands and I’m socially isolated, helpless and dependent on one person I see for 5 minutes once per week who says it’s not practical to help me and does not respond to my cries for help. I lost hope long ago. I looked at him with compassion and said what is it you want me to do for you? Nothing, go help the others, he said as he smiled back in pain. I left and went on my way down with the others. By the time I got to the bottom floor everybody but a few men fled. These men had no family and decided to continue with me as we planned to search for more people to help. The city was large and largely unsafe to traverse.

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